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Monthly Archives: November 2014

The Old Plesiosaur and the Sea: The Collectors

In my last blog post, introducing our plesiosaur exhibit,  I promised to follow up with some of the story of how the collectors found, extracted, and prepared the fossils. When I was assembling the exhibit I interviewed Kevin Conlin and Wayne Buckley, since they tell these stories so much better than I ever could. Here are the interviews, which are also on the panels within the exhibit.   Kevin Conlin Kevin…

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New Species of Canadian Water-lily Finally Named

Seven years ago I went to northern Manitoba in search of a rare water-lily with American botanist John H. Wiersema. This water-lily appeared to be a fertile hybrid between two species: Fragrant Water-lily (Nymphaea odorata) and Pygmy Water-lily (N. leibergii). The only problem was that the specimen had been observed only once way back in 1948 by renowned botanist Homer J. (no not Simpson!) Scoggan. In order to determine if…

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Sea of Monsters

The Old Plesiosaur and the Sea Exhibit, Open November 14th-April 6th Tomorrow morning we will be opening our new Discovery Room exhibit, The Old Plesiosaur and the Sea. Some Discovery Room exhibits show exciting or previously unseen objects from the Museum’s collections, while others feature collaborations with the community. This exhibit will do both: some of the beautiful specimens have been donated over the past few years by two remarkable…

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The Old Plesiosaur and the Sea

Opening on November 14 in the Discovery Room, The Old Plesiosaur and the Sea: Fossil Vertebrates from the Manitoba Escarpment celebrates a spectacular plesiosaur fossil from the Manitoba Escarpment. The exhibit focuses on the work of Wayne Buckley, the collector of the plesiosaur, and on his fossil collecting associate, Kevin Conlin, illustrating how the work of amateur, enthusiast collectors is affecting the knowledge of fossils in Manitoba. The Manitoba Escarpment is…

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How wildflowers feed you

For many years native prairies and forests were considered “waste lands” because they don’t produce food for people to eat. But increasingly scientists are finding that natural areas are actually essential for our food production system.

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The End of World War One

Part III in a three-part series. As we enter the last weeks of our exhibit “Victoria Crosses of Valour Road”, which ends on Sunday, November 16, I want to give some attention to how the First World War ended and some of its implications. My blog entry is illustrated with WWI postcards from the Museum’s collections. In the summer of 1918 the Germans and their allies had made their final…

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