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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Manitoba Skies – February 2014

The early evening sky in February reveals the constellations of winter: Orion stands in the southeast, his belt of three stars unmistakable, while overhead the familiar “W”-shape of Cassiopeia may look more like a letter “M” if you are facing north. There are many bright stars and star clusters scattered across the sky at this time of year, and you’ll discover many beautiful sights by scanning the sky with binoculars…

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Remembering Columbia

The phone woke me up early on a Sunday. My sister calling. She’s not an early riser; something must be wrong. “I was listening to the news – the space shuttle was supposed to land, but didn’t.” Silence, as I try to process the information. What? In 30 seconds I am in the living room, putting on my glasses with one hand and fumbling with the TV remote in the…

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Winter without central heat: How wildlife on the prairies survives

During frigid winter days I find myself marveling at how wild plants and animals manage to survive the cold temperatures. As my current area of study involves flowering plants and their insect pollinators, these are the organisms that I will focus on in this blog. Although geothermal energy has recently become a popular way to help heat our homes, plants and insects have been using geothermal heat to stay warm…

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An Act of Kindness

When I first started at the museum I spent a lot of time opening cabinets and drawers to check out this remarkable collection that is now under my care.  There are many impressive artefacts, but this one really struck a chord with me. I opened a drawer to find what appears to be a simple box (carefully constructed by skilled conservators!).  A closer look at the photo label revealed this:…

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Museum Joins JUNOS Celebrations

The Museum is helping Winnipeggers celebrate the JUNOS with some special programming in the Science Gallery. The Boeing Explore Science Zone in the Museum’s Science Gallery is excited to offer the public a series of activities that explore the scientific principles of vibrations and waves which govern music and instruments. Nine different musical experiments will allow participants to learn more about how music is really made. These include a unique…

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Joe Maruca’s “Secret” Notebook

At some time or another, we have all experienced a really satisfying day at work, or perhaps more often, a day that left us wanting to vent our frustrations. Today we might use social media to voice these emotions. In the days before Facebook or Twitter, Joe Maruca documented his working life in a ‘Secret’ notebook filled with amusing cartoon sketches. Recently, I processed a fascinating collection of family items…

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Mini-Diorama Opens

Yesterday the Museum launched a spectacular new mini-diorama in the Grasslands/Mixed Woods Gallery. The exhibit highlights the incredible talent of diorama artist Betsy Thorsteinson. Betsy along with Debbie Thompson, Ruth Dowse and countless volunteers worked on the project. The diorama highlights four separate scenes: a mid winter camp in Duck Mountain, moving camp in late winter, early spring maple sugar camp and fishing camp in late spring. These scenes represent an Anishnaabe…

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Some Museums buy their treasures — We make ours

The Manitoba Museum unveil its new Aschkibokahn diorama in the Parklands/ Mixed Woods Gallery on January 16th. This mini-diorama, an incredible blend of art and research, features an ancient Native camp site located on Lake Winnipegosis in Western Manitoba, and follows an Anishnaabe family of the late Woodland period about 800 years ago as they move across the land from winter to summer. This diorama was created by artist Betsy…

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Watershed of the Future simulator update – Day Three of install

Things are shaping up – all of the computers and speakers are connected, and all eight touch screens are working. Basically, the simulator prototype is operational. Today will be spent installing the latest software updates and making sure everything is networked properly. The first image shows the simulator in “single-player mode” – this is our default experience, where a visitor can come up to the table and use any one…

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First Light on our new exhibit!

Day Two of the Lake Winnipeg: Shared Solutions simulator installation, and we have first light from the projection system! The simulator comprises a table with eight individual touch-screens, surrounding a large projected image covering the table. In regular mode, visitors can take control of their own version of the Lake at each station, without being affected by what other visitors do. Big shared events like floods and storms will show up…

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