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Monthly Archives: October 2012

The Cold Road

It is 7 am, somewhere on the curves near Woodlands, Manitoba, and the sky is still completely dark. The rain is coming down harder now and approaching headlights are blurred by the slicked windshield. I usually love the open road, but this driving is far from fun. We are well past Lundar before the late dawn. The traffic has diminished now and the rain has eased a bit, but the…

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Botanical Curator Blues

One of the problems with being a botanist working at a museum is that most of the botanical specimens cannot be displayed in an exhibit.  The bulk of the collection consists of herbarium specimens (dried, pressed plants mounted on paper) that are very fragile and light sensitive.  As a result they usually can’t be displayed for long (or at all) without being damaged.  Further, a pressed plant is only a…

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Department staff ramp up gallery work

The Collections and Conservation Department conducts ongoing maintenance and inventory activities in the Museum Galleries. Most of this work is done during our winter season, when the Museum is closed on Mondays. Recently, we changed our procedures, amalgamating tasks that formerly were done separately. Now, when working on an exhibit area, all collections management and conservation tasks are completed at the same time: condition checks, cleaning, photography, cataloguing and inventory…

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