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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Manitoba Jellies: not your Grandmother’s preserves

No, I’m not about to give a recipe for Saskatoon berry jam, but instead introduce some members of an animal group that most would never associate with Manitoba: jellyfish. Jellyfish are, of course, not fishes at all, but part of a very interesting phylum of animals called the Cnidaria [nie-dare-ee-a] that includes corals, sea anemones, and jellyfish. Some of you might remember high school biology and examining the superficially plant-like…

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50 years ago today… April 12, 1961

April 12, 1961 – a date that will forever be a part of human history. The date that humanity became a spacefaring species. This acheivement ranks amongst the greatest of human accomplishments – fire, the wheel, agriculture, the electric guitar – and its long-reaching effects are still rippling through our future. On April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin boarded the Vostok spacecraft and flew once around the Earth. HIs 108-minute flight…

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For the past several years, I have been working with the Mineral Society of Manitoba to develop a mineral exhibit at the Museum. This partnership has been a wonderfully positive one; among other achievements the Society has donated to us a gorgeous selenite (gypsum) cluster from the Winnipeg Floodway, which I hope to show you on this page at some point. So it was not a total surprise when in…

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What ecology has taught me about economics

In order to get my degree in environmental studies I had to take six classes in economics so that I would have some understanding of how the economy worked.  In reality, I only needed three weeks of economics to understand that much of what they were teaching was a load of bunk.  When I asked my professor how pollution and environmental degradation were accounted for in the economic theories she…

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50 years ago today… 5 April 1961

50 years ago today, Soviet air force pilot Lt. Yuri A. Gagarin didn’t know he would become be the first human into space in just a week’s time. Gagarin and his colleagues, Gherman Titov and Grigori Nelyubov, were all in training for the first flights of the Vostok spacecraft, but the Soviet leadership had not yet formally authorized the flight nor assigned a cosmonaut. What’s more, the United States was racing to…

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From the Deep Files …

When I started to work at The Manitoba Museum in 1993, I discovered this intriguing correspondence in the “deep files,” inherited from the old Manitoba Museum: Altamont, Man. September, 1963 Dear Sir: Today I was digging a hole along the edge of a slough. After digging through four feet of peat, I came upon this tooth. Two inches below the tooth was a thin layer of white sand. Could you…

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