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Monthly Archives: November 2010

The Botany of Christmas

I come from a long line of European women who did a lot of baking: fresh bread and buns, pies, squares, cookies and strudels.  Although my mother and grandmother baked throughout the year, Christmas was my favorite time because that’s when the really special treats were made, things that you didn’t eat just every day: hot roasted chestnuts, fruitcake, butter tarts, honey cake, shortbread and chocolate Yule log. As I…

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Beneath the Streets of Wolseley …

The following is modified from a piece I wrote for the Museum’s newsletter Features, with the addition of several images that would not fit into the print version. Have you ever seen a cartoon that shows the earth cut through vertically, with layer after layer of bones of extinct creatures hidden beneath the city? Walking through the streets of Winnipeg, I have sometimes imagined the sediment and rock beneath. First…

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Installing the Paul Kane exhibit

When an exhibit comes down, our Productions staff open up the cases for us, then Collections and Conservation staff remove the artifacts and/or specimens and put them back in storage, or take them for treatment by freezing or carbon dioxide fumigation. Then the next exhibit can go in.   For this exhibit, the same large cases were used as for the previous exhibit.  The case in the centre of the…

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The uglier the better

When people find out that I study and collect wild plants I suspect that they have visions of me tromping through the woods to study beautiful orchids and majestic wildflowers.  The fact of that matter is that attractive plants, orchids in particular, are pretty well-studied compared to many other groups.

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