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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Exhibit Layouts

Last week, in our lab and in the small layout room next door, we were juggling specimens for two Earth History Gallery exhibits. We are developing a timeline that will lead the visitor from the formation of the Earth (4.5 billion years ago) right up to the Ordovician Period of our Ancient Seas exhibit (about 450 million years ago). This timeline will feature quite a number of unusual geological specimens and…

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A typical (or is that atypical?) day

As I sit at my desk being stared at by a stuffed turtle surrounded by sand dollars, Australian mice, gut contents of a snake, Indo-Pacific fishes, a set of lizard dentaries, and a donation form for a frozen hermit thrush and yellow rail, it occurred to me that many of the typical tasks of curators would be considered atypical, if not downright bizarre, for anyone not working in a natural history museum.

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The day the birds took over the beach

I was out on Victoria Beach after Labour Day looking for more bugseeds and it was like a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock movie or episode of that documentary “Life After People”.

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Bagging Bugseeds

For the last several weeks I’ve been climbing over sand dunes, hiking over hills and sauntering along beaches in pursuit of bugseeds.  What are bugseeds you may wonder? They are a group of annual plants that grow in sandy habitats. Up until fairly recently, they were thought to be weeds introduced to North America from Europe.  Recent research revealed that they are in fact native to the Americas.  After studying…

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I often hear from people outside the “business” that it must be a lot of fun to do paleontological fieldwork. Of course it is, but many of those people probably don’t realize that a collecting trip carried out any distance from the Museum can be a very complex operation, one that may require almost military planning.

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Lily St. storage move

Collections and Conservation staff are busy dealing with a problem in our Lily St. storage location. A water pipe broke in the washrooms in the basement, putting water on the floor in several areas where collections are stored. Because the building is not going to be repaired (it’s slated for demolition sometime soonish)our landlords, Manitoba Centennial Centre Corporation (MCCC)want us to clear out the basement and close access to that…

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