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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Goodbye Mars Hoax… for another year, anyway

Yet another August has brought yet another rendition of the Great Mars Hoax. A viral email telling people Mars would be as big as the Moon on August 27th derailed several days of work while I answered hordes of  public inquiries about what would be seen. (Short answer: nothing.) Don’t get me wrong, I love answering questions from the public. It’s a chance to interact one-on-one with people interested in science…

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August update

Finally back to blogging after being away on baby leave for a while. The Sky Update section of the Museum’s website has been updated with August information, and September’s update will occur this week. We’re also in the last couple of weeks of laser shows at the planetarium – only until September 6th!

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A perfectly miserable field day

I wrote a blog back in June about perfect field days.  Today should have been one of the worst field days of my life.  Hiking in the middle of an old gravel pit in 32°C heat (41°C humidex), with no clouds, virtually no wind, while sweating profusely is NOT a recipe for a perfect field day; more like a recipe for heat stroke!  My day was salvaged however by making…

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“I will be unavailable until…” has been a frequent message when my number has been dialed over the last two months. And although a couple of days might have been vacation, the majority is explained by time spent on fieldwork, hence the lack of blogging. So what is “fieldwork”?

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Fossil starfish are about as rare as Archaeopteryx teeth! Of course an Archaeopteryx had a lot of teeth, but very few specimens of those teeth have ever been found. It is the same with fossil starfish. I’m sure that there were large numbers of starfish in ancient seas, but starfish are broken up very easily after death, by waves, currents, and scavengers.

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