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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Space Station sightings from Winnipeg

We’re finally moving into a period when the ISS can be seen from Manitoba in the early evening. For the next couple of weeks, the space station can be seen with the unaided eye, moving slowly across the sky at specific times. See this link for times for Winnipeg; for those in rural Manitoba, this link will let you enter your own location. Don’t mistake that bright object low in the west after…

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Full Moon tomorrow

Tomorrow’s Full Moon occurs at 7:18AM, and is known as the “Pink” Moon (one of the lesser-known cousins of the “Harvest” and “Hunter’s” moons of fall).

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Mysterious Bead Damage

Recently, our Curator of Native Ethnology Katherine Pettipas contracted a photographer to take photos of the varied artifacts in the Paul Kane collection. Paul Kane was an artist who, in 1847, was sent by the Hudson’s Bay Company to travel across the Canadian wilderness, drawing and acquiring objects along the way. One of the spectacular men’s hide shirts from that collection is currently on exhibit in our Grasslands Gallery. When…

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Speeding tickets from space?

According to this article, it will be cost-effective to give speeding tickets using satellites. Sounds silly to me, but it wouldn’t be the first silly idea to reach market.

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      Welcome to the Zoology blog! This little corner of the Museum website will be a small window into the “restricted access” world of the 4th floor where specimens are housed and scientific research is undertaken that provides the foundation for exhibits on display in the public galleries. It often comes as a surprise to even frequent Museum visitors that less than 2% of our collections are on…

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Space Shuttle Lite?

As NASA winds its space shuttle program down, the US Air Force is poised to launch its first space shuttle tonight. The X-37B unmanned space shuttle will launch from Kennedy Space Centre at 6:52PM Winnipeg time on a classifed test flight. The Air Force isn’t saying much about the spacecraft or its possible uses, but it is a reusable shuttle which will land at a runway and could conceiveably be…

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Happy Earth Day

Well, it’s Earth Day, a movement that started 40 years ago after the first colour pictures of Earth from space were returned by the Apollo astronauts. Astronauts had always said that seeing the planet from space was a life-changing experience, but when Apollo 8 sent back this picture of the Earth rising over the surface of the moon in 1968, everyone was able to see how fragile our planetary life support…

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Creating Natural Wonders

When I started working here at the Museum I used to spend part of my lunch break peeking into cabinets in the natural history collections room. I was amazed at the variety of organisms we have here: trays upon trays of tropical butterflies, huge beetles, giant fungi, exquisite fossils of long-extinct plants and sea creatures. One day I even came across a stuffed duck-billed platypus; an Australian mammal that I’ve…

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Astronomy Day – Saturday, April 24

This Saturday (April 24th) is International Astronomy Day, a day when astronomers around the world set up their telescopes in public places to show people the universe. This year, the Winnipeg Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and Planetarium staff will be setting up telescopes at the duck pond at Assiniboine Park on Saturday night as soon as it gets dark. NOTE: If it’s cloudy the event is cancelled…

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Museum curation: More than mummies and man-eating plants

I suspect that when people hear that I’m a Museum Curator they think of that evil Curator of the British Museum who resurrects the mummy Imhotep from the dead in “The Mummy Returns”. Sadly, my job doesn’t entail raising any long-dead Egyptian priests. Nor do I nurse giant man-eating plants with my own blood and the occasional visitor to my lab a la “The Little Shop of Horrors”. In this…

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